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7 Health Benefits of Purified Water

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Clean Water Offers Many Healthy Benefits

In many ways, water is the stuff of life. Plants, animals, humans - entire bio-systems - are based on water, and your own body is roughly 60% water.


Throughout the day, you lose a tremendous amount of hydration, so it's important to keep bringing more in. By drinking cleaner, better water, you'll reap all kinds of benefits, including the seven listed below.


Simply put, water purification is perhaps the simplest way to improve your life and the lives of everyone in your household!


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It's Easy

1. Have More Energy Throughout the Day

If you drink coffee after lunch to pep up, consider consuming water instead. Whereas coffee may give you a quick boost, it doesn't hydrate nearly as well as water and can leave you feeling distracted and jittery.


Water is just the purest energy source available and should be your go-to resource throughout the day!

2. Improve Your Exercise Routine

You won't get far in your workout without hydration. Even if you follow the old 8 x 8 rule and drink an 8-ounce glass of water 8 times a day, you're probably not getting enough!


Consider your weight, height, age, and the type of exercise you take part in before doing some research into your hydration requirements. Then make sure you're putting good, clean water in your system.

3. Give Your Skin a Healthier Glow

Water helps the outside of your body as much as the inside, and it gives your skin a beautiful, boosted appearance.


It can improve your complexion as well as the elasticity of your skin.

4. Support Your Weight-Loss Efforts

More than fad diets and fitness routines, water helps you lose body weight and keep it off.


By drinking a glass of water a half an hour or so before your meals, you'll feel fuller and be less likely to reach for second helpings. It's estimated that pre-meal hydrating leads people to consume about 75 fewer calories per meal - a number that quickly adds up!


Water is also a much better pick-me-up than empty-calorie snack foods.

5. Remove Harmful Chemicals From Your Life

Unless you're purifying it, even your municipal water can be full of nasty additives and unnecessary chemicals.

  • Fluoride

  • Arsenic

  • Lead


Instead of leaving your health in the hands of others, take charge and purify your household water. Keep your family safe!

6. Improve Your Digestive Process

Good, clean water helps your body break down food and absorb the nutrients, which in turn makes it easier for your body to eliminate waste.

7. Trim Your Household Budget

Serving up clean, purified water in your home can help you cut other costs and improve your financial health.

  • It's much less expensive than carbonated beverages and energy drinks, which can also leave you dehydrated.

  • It helps appliances last longer because it doesn't clog systems with destructive minerals.

  • It lets you use less soap and other cleaning products.

  • It keeps you healthier and away from the doctor.

Put Our Certified Water Systems in Your Home

Aqua Clear offers everything from reverse osmosis systems to water softeners and distillers. All our systems are certified by the Water Quality Association.


We also sell extremely effective air filters.


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